• "Tell me
    and I will forget,
    teach me
    and I will remember,
    involve me and I will learn".

  • "The wise learns
    from the mistakes
    of others".

  • "The first task of
    Education is
    to let them free
    in order for
    them to develop".



We are an educational institution with competency-based learning-based constructivist approach. Argos Preparatory Academy is incorporated to the UAEM. Our main purpose is to help our students achieve a rounded appreciation in the development of the knowledge they acquire, through integral training based on the mental, physical and emotional balance.  To do so, we provide them with general knowledge in all areas of training in the use of methodologies and exercises in the dissertation of reasoning, fostering with this structure of the scientific, technological and humanistic knowledge enabling the inclusion in higher education.


We inspire teamwork, offering extra-curricular sports, recreational and cultural workshops; we encourage social service work and assist our students in their growth and maturity process in a healthy environment.

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